Multimeters for Accurate Electrical Measurements

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This series of meters is a small handheld 3 1/2 digital multimeter designed to provide stable and highly reliable performance. It is equipped with an LCD display, which is easy to read and operate. The circuit design of the multimeter is based on the LSI double-integral A/D converter, which ensures the accuracy of measurement.

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Additionally, it features an overload protection circuit that protects the instrument from potential damage due to excessive voltage or current. This makes it an excellent and highly durable instrument for a wide variety of applications. One of the main features of this multimeter is its versatility. It can be used to measure DC and AC voltage, allowing you to easily test circuits and components.

Additionally, it can measure DC current, giving you valuable information about current flow. Resistance measurement is another function of this multimeter. It allows you to accurately determine the resistance of various components, helping you troubleshoot and identify faulty parts. Additionally, the multimeter can be used to test diodes and transistors, allowing you to verify their functionality. It also provides temperature measurement capabilities, enabling you to monitor temperature changes in different systems. In addition to these functions, the multimeter also has an online continuity test function. You can use it to check if the circuit is complete or if there are any breaks or interruptions in the circuit.

This is especially useful when diagnosing faults or verifying the integrity of electrical connections. Overall, this handheld 3 1/2 digital multimeter is a high-quality instrument that combines stability, reliability, and durability. Its wide range of measurement capabilities, from voltage and current to resistance and temperature, make it an indispensable tool for professionals and amateurs alike. With its user-friendly interface and compact size, it is a hand-held and convenient instrument for various electrical and electronic applications.


1.Automatic measuring range.
2.Full measuring range overload protection.
3.Maximum voltage allowed at the measuring end.:500V DC or 500V AC(RMS).
4.Work height maximum 2000m
5. Display: LCD.
6.Maximum display value: 2000 digits.
7.Polarity indication:Self-indicating,’means Negative polarity.
8.Over-range display:’OL or’-OL
9.Sampling time:The meter figures show about 0.4 seconds
10.Automatic Power off time: About 5 minutes
11. Operational power:1.5Vx2 AAA battery.
12.Battery low voltage indication: LCD display  symbol.
13.Operational temperature and humidity:0~40 C/32~104′F
14.Storage temperature and humidity:-10~60 ℃/-4~140′F
15.Boundary dimension:127×42×25mm

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