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The submersible level transmitter is a high-temperature gas-guided level transmitter, which integrates the sensor and signal processing circuit in the junction box. This design allows the sensor to come into contact with the gas immersed in the cartridge, which then transports the gas to the sensing element through the impulse tube. This innovative product solves the challenges associated with measuring high temperature liquid levels by avoiding direct contact between the sensor and the medium being measured. Immersion level gauges are specially designed to meet the needs of measuring liquid levels in high temperature or highly corrosive liquids. Its unique features make it ideal for applications requiring small to medium range measurements and environments with highly corrosive media. One of the main advantages of immersion level gauges is the ability to measure liquid levels in high temperature environments. Traditional liquid level measurement techniques often struggle to accurately determine the level of liquids at extreme temperatures due to sensor limitations. However, with immersion level gauges, the sensor is not directly exposed to the medium being measured. Instead, it interacts with the gas present in the immersion cylinder, which acts as a protective barrier. This method ensures accurate and reliable level measurement even under harsh high temperature conditions.

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Another noteworthy feature of this product is its ability to handle aggressive media. Strongly corrosive liquids present significant challenges to level measurement as they can damage sensors and affect their accuracy. Immersion level gauges overcome this challenge by employing an air guide system. By isolating the sensor from direct contact with aggressive media, the transmitter ensures the longevity and accuracy of the measurement system. Immersion level gauges are good at measuring small and medium ranges. Its design allows it to accurately measure liquid levels in applications that do not require a wide range. This capability makes it ideal for industries such as chemical processing that typically handle small to medium batches.

In summary, an immersion level gauge is a specialized level measurement solution designed to overcome the challenges associated with high temperature and corrosive liquids. With its innovative gas guidance system and its ability to handle small to medium range measurements, it provides accurate and reliable liquid level measurement for various industries.

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