AT-02 The Professional BBQ thermometer

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Tired of constantly checking your food while cooking? Wish there was a way to monitor temperature remotely? Look no further! The wireless meat thermometer will revolutionize your cooking game. With its advanced technology, this innovative thermometer allows you to easily monitor the temperature of your food or oven, all from the convenience of your phone. Even when you’re 300 feet (100 meters) away, you can stay connected and in control.

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Here’s what makes wireless meat thermometers stand out: Supports 2 Probes: Whether you’re cooking multiple dishes or just want to monitor different parts of a large cut of meat, this thermometer has you covered. It supports two probes so you can keep an eye on multiple temperatures simultaneously. USDA APPROVED PRESET TEMPERATURES: Don’t know the best temperature to cook different types of food? Don’t worry! The Wireless Meat Thermometer comes with a variety of USDA-approved meat preset temperatures to ensure your food is cooked to perfection every time. USDA-Approved Doneness Grades: Everyone has their own preference when it comes to doneness. With this thermometer, you can select USDA-approved doneness levels including rare, medium, medium and well done. Say goodbye to overcooked or undercooked food! Customizable Temperature Settings: Want to set your own temperature preferences? no problem! The wireless meat thermometer allows you to manually program your own temperature settings, giving you complete control over the cooking process. BUILT-IN TIMER: Timing is the most important thing in cooking.

This thermometer comes with a timer so you can track when your food cooks and make sure it’s done to perfection. Temperature History Graph: Curious about temperature fluctuations throughout the cooking process? The wireless meat thermometer provides temperature history graphs allowing you to analyze and improve your cooking techniques. ALERT OPTIONS: Worried about missing that perfect moment when your food is done? The wireless meat thermometer offers ringtone and vibration alert options on your phone. Rest assured, you’ll never miss that important alert again. Large LCD Display: Ease of viewing is key, which is why this thermometer has a large LCD display. You can easily read and monitor the current temperature of your food or oven without eyestrain. Improve your culinary skills today with a wireless meat thermometer. Cook more professionally, enjoy your favorite movie, and have your phone alert you when food is ready. Say hello to a perfectly cooked meal every time.


Perfect choice for Chicken Ham Turkey Pork Beef Roast BBQ Oven Smoker Grill Food
Temperature Range Short-Time Measure: -50℃ ~ 400℃ / -58℉ ~ 752℉ Continuously Monitoring: 0℃ ~ 380℃ / 32℉ ~ 716℉
Temp Conversion °F & ℃
Display LCD Screen & App
Wireless Range Outdoor : 50 meter / 160 ft without obstacle Indoor: 30 meter / 100 ft Wireless Range may vary depending on the surroundings.
Alarm Highest & Lowest Temperature Alarm
Range Alarm Time Count-Down Alarm
Doneness Levels Setting Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done for differently cooked food.
Supported Smart Devices ip hone 4S, and later models. iPod touch 5th, iPad 3rd generations and later models. all ipad mini. Android devices running version
4.3 or later, with blue-tooth 4.0 module

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