S1 Dual Probe Digital Meat Thermometer for Meat Grilling

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Our meat thermometer features a dual-probe design that allows you to monitor meat temperature at two different points simultaneously.

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Product parameters

1. Measuring range: -50℃-300℃.
2. Measurement accuracy: ±1℃
3. Temperature resolution: 0.1℃.
4. Measurement speed: 2~3 seconds
5. Battery: 3V, 240mAH.
6. Battery model: CR2032

Product function

1. ABS environmentally friendly material (colors can be freely matched)
2. Dual probe design
3. Rapid temperature measurement: temperature measurement speed is 2 to 3 seconds.
4. Temperature accuracy: temperature deviation ±1℃.
5. Seven levels of waterproofing.
6. Contains two high-strength magnets that can be adsorbed on the refrigerator.
7. Large screen digital display, yellow warm light background light.
8. The thermometer has its own memory function and temperature calibration function.

Product size

1. Product size: 175*50*18mm
2. Probe length: 110mm, external probe line length 1 meter
3. Product net weight: 94g 4. Product gross weight: 124g
5. Color box size: 193*100*25mm
6. Outer box size: 530*400*300mm
7. Weight of one box: 15KG

Product description

Introducing our meat thermometer! Are you tired of overcooked or undercooked meat? Say goodbye to this uncertainty with our meat thermometer! With a measuring range of -50°C to 300°C and an accuracy of ±1°C, you can now cook your meat to perfection every time. Our meat thermometer features a dual-probe design that allows you to monitor meat temperature at two different points simultaneously. This ensures you achieve your desired doneness, whether you like it medium-rare, medium-rare or well-done. One of the main advantages of our meat thermometer is its fast temperature measurement speed. Readings are provided in just 2 to 3 seconds, so you don't have to wait for your food and you can enjoy your meal immediately, cooked to the ideal temperature. With a seven-level waterproof rating, our meat thermometer is built to withstand any kitchen mishap. Whether you're washing dishes or accidentally immersing the probe in water, there's no need to worry about damaging your device. It's designed to be reliable, durable and suitable for any cooking situation. Our meat thermometer's large display ensures easy reading even from a distance. Featuring a warm yellow backlight, you can easily check the temperature in low light conditions or at night, perfect for outdoor barbecues or evening dinner parties. Our meat thermometer also features a built-in memory function, allowing you to recall previous temperature readings. This feature comes in handy when you are multi-tasking in the kitchen and need to return to a previous temperature. You can trust the accuracy of our meat thermometer because it is self-calibrating. This ensures your measurements are always accurate and reliable, giving you the confidence to achieve the desired doneness in your meat dishes. Our meat thermometer is made of ABS environmentally friendly material, which is not only functional but also stylish. The appliance is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your kitchen decor. In order to power a meat thermometer, it requires a 3V, 240mAH battery, specifically the CR2032 model. With this long-lasting battery, you can count on consistent performance on all your cooking adventures. All in all, our meat thermometer is a versatile and essential tool for any cooking enthusiast or professional chef. With its dual-probe design, fast measurement speed, high accuracy, water resistance, large display with backlight, memory function and self-calibration, it sets the standard for precision temperature measurement. Don't leave your cooking results to chance - buy our meat thermometer today and take your cooking skills to new heights!



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